Message about NtSetReg.exe after indexing system

If you have installed the free version of SpendMap on your network server for multiuser access, after reindexing the system you may see a message about running NtSetReg.exe to update registry settings on the server.

This is just a reminder – you do NOT need to run NtSetReg.exe each and every time you index the system.

When you originally installed SpendMap, you would have run NtSetReg.exe to set those registry settings on the server. We display that reminder message after indexing 1) if SpendMap is able to read the registry on your server and it sees that the required registry settings are not in place, or 2) if your network security settings are such that SpendMap cannot read the registry on the server to confirm that the settings are in fact in place.

So, again, you do NOT need to run NtSetReg.exe every time you index the system.


100th Blog Post for the Free-Procurement Project

100th Blog PostThis is our 100th Blog post.

We’ve been working hard to give you helpful information for you to get the most out of the free version of SpendMap.  We want to help small businesses improve their Purchasing processes, with more than just free Purchase Order Software.

If you have any feedback for us or if you’d like to suggest a topic for an upcoming post, we’re all ears.

And if you like what we’re doing to help small businesses, please show your support for the Free-Procurement Project and help spread the word.

It has been fun working with you so far and we look forward to making more friends as we work on the next 100 posts…

- The Free-Procurement Project team.

Exporting Data to Excel from your Free Purchase Order Software

Aaron in California was looking for a report showing both the Base Unit of Measure as well as the Purchasing Unit of Measure for each item.

Since we don’t have a report like that, we pointed him to the following utility, where he can export his Item Master File (or any other data) to Excel, including whatever fields he needs…
- PURCHASING > Utility > Data Interfaces > Export any table

Aaron replied with “Yes this was helpful. I see how I can create an endless number of reports using this“, which got us thinking that this would be a good topic for a blog post.  Thanks for the inspiration, Aaron.

So while we put that utility under the “Interfaces” section (since it’s a “data extract” utility), by all means feel free to use Export Any Table for ad-hoc reporting if there’s something that you’re looking for that isn’t on one of the system’s 100+ built-in reports.

Export Any Table in PO Software

Help and Getting Started Documentation for your Free PO System

Marsha is implementing the free version of SpendMap at a university in Washington state and had this question about the Getting Started Documentation that comes with the free software, and how it relates to the rest of the Online Help…

“Since I have figured out that some items in the Getting Started documentation do NOT apply to the free version, I thought I would check to find out if these items in the “Network Installation Instructions” apply…”

Thanks for this great question, Marsha.

As it turns out, everything in the Getting Started Documentation is specific to the Free Version only, and does not apply to the Paid Version of SpendMap.

For clarity, the shortcut/icon called “Getting Started Documentation” will bring you to a section of the Online Help called “Free Version Guide”, which is but one of many sections in the overall Online Help System.  See screen shot, below…

So while it’s true that the other sections in the Help apply to both the Free and Paid Versions of SpendMap (which offer similar functionality), absolutely everything in the “Free Version Guide” (i.e. the Getting Started Documentation) applies to the Free Version exclusively.

Sorry if this caused any confusion.  Since the Free and Paid Versions offer the same functionality, it made sense to create a single Help System for both versions, and just add some additional/supplemental content for the Free Version to help you get started.


Screen Resolution Settings and your Free Purchase Order Software

We’ve had a few support tickets from people who are using the free version of SpendMap on Microsoft’s new Surface Pro Tablets, with the setting “Make text and other items larger or smaller” set pretty high (e.g. 150%).

Settings like this can affect SpendMap’s minimum screen resolution test, resulting in an error message that you don’t have the required minimum 1024×768 screen size.

If you get this error message, try adjusting that setting to 125% (or until you stop getting the message).

TIP: The higher your screen resolution, the smaller SpendMap (and other software applications) will appear on your screen.  Instead of adjusting your computer’s overall screen settings, you might also consider adjusting the “Font/screen scaling factor” in SpendMap, using setting #10 in Workstation Configuration Settings (PURCHASING > Setup system > Workstation configuration settings).  This will make SpendMap appear bigger on your screen, without affecting other apps on your PC.

screen resolution

How rejected requisitions affect budgets in your free Purchase Order Software

David works at a government agency in Texas and was wondering why rejected requisitions still show as commitments to the cost center’s budget.

Based on the settings in the Requisitions and Approvals Module, rejected requisitions will stay in the budget temporarily because often the Requisitioner will modify and re-process the requisition (e.g. try again with a different item or otherwise clean up whatever the Approver didn’t like).  So SpendMap will keep the budget “reserved”, to avoid that part of the budget being picked up by someone else, and therefore reduce the chance that the original Requisitioner will be “out of budget” when they try again.

But if they don’t want to try again, they can either 1) delete/cancel the requisition, or 2) there is a setting to “auto-delete” rejected requisitions after a certain number of days, which will eliminate that additional step, or if the user just forgets to cancel the Requisition.  You can find that “auto-delete” setting in here…
- REQUISITIONS AND APPROVAL > Setup system > Miscellaneous settings

Reminder:  Users will see rejected requisitions the next time they go into their Requisition Work Area.  If you would like to be a bit more proactive, just enable this e-mail notification…

Rejected requisition email notification

It’s ok to applaud your Free Purchase Order Software

Here’s another interesting blog post from Seth Godin.

Well friends, in case you were waiting for permission to “whoop, holler or applaud” as Seth puts it, here it is…

Please do let us know that you’re happy with the free version of SpendMap, by adding a comment to our Reviews Page, or by posting on our Facebook timeline.

We don’t ask for any money for you to use the software, for providing technical support or for maintaining this Blog, but we sure would appreciate if you could help spread the word.

Thanks and best regards,
- The Free-Procurement Project team

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Achieve Budget Compliance with Free Purchase Order Software

As a follow-up to the Success Story that we posted about Managed Care Systems last May, Eric was kind enough to send us this note…

Thanks for sharing, Eric!

Control spending to save money

Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 1:30 PM
To: SpendMap
Subject: Good news

The numbers are in for last year. Because of SpendMap, we were under budget for 2013 by approximately 30,000 dollars!

For the past 5 years, we were over budget every year, by significant amounts.

Just wanted to share the great news with you.

Eric Jeffers

When Purchase Orders Beat P-cards

P-Card-TrapWe hear stories like this all the time.  Companies get tired of the paperwork and administrative effort of Purchase Orders and so they switch to Purchasing Cards (p-cards) to make things easier.

Often the p-card programs start off well and employees follow the guidelines (e.g. only to be used for low-value purchases, etc.).  But inevitably things start to “creep”, and before you know it the cards are being used to buy everything, and then you’ve lost control of spending.

But the good news is, with the free version of SpendMap, you can get the tight internal controls that can only be achieved with a proper Requisition and Purchase Order process, while significantly reducing the paperwork and administrative burden compared to your Grand Daddy’s old paper Purchase Orders.

Sometimes, when it comes to your company’s spending, there is such a thing as “too convenient”.

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