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Chris works at a construction and maintenance services company in the United Kingdom and was asking about something that we wrote about a few months ago.

Of course we love to hear from anyone who has a question about their free Purchase Order Software but did you know that you can often find answers to your questions right here on this Blog?

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Catch a friend a fish and you feed them for a day…show a friend how to fish and you feed them for life!

fishing-for-answers in free PO software

Is your free Purchase Order Software a bit too loud?

After all that New Year’s fun, you might want to turn the volume down a bit in your free Purchase Order software.

To disable the warning/notification sounds in SpendMap, just use the Workstation Setting for “Audible Prompts (beeping)“, in here…
– PURCHASING > Setup system > Workstation configuration settings

In v12.65 it is setting #4 but in v14 (coming soon) we moved it to #12.



Free Purchase Order Software is like nuts in the shell

Ever notice how those Christmas nuts (in the shell) taste better?  Having to do a little work somehow makes the victory that little bit sweeter.

It’s kind of like the free version of SpendMap.  Sure, you’ll have to do some reading and maybe watch some video tutorials, but it’ll sure be sweet to have a totally free Purchase Order system up and running in the new year.

Or if you prefer your treats ready-to-eat, please call us to learn about the paid/commercial version of SpendMap, which comes with a full range of professional services like one-on-one training and implementation consulting.  We would be happy to crack the shells for you so that you can just dig in.



Can’t see your free Purchase Order Software?

The free version of SpendMap can show you where the money is going.  But only if you can read the screens!

If you would like to make the screens a bit bigger in your free Purchase Order Software System, try using setting #10 (Font/Screen Scaling Factor) in here…
– PURCHASING > Setup system > Workstation configuration settings

Visibility and free Purchase Order Software

New video tutorial – free Purchase Order Software

We updated the video that reviews what you get when you download your free Purchase Order Software.

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Popular Videos for Buyers and Purchasing Managers

Our YouTube Channel is approaching 80,000 views.

And the video that reviews our Free Purchase Order Software is about to hit 25,000 views itself.

Aside from helping you implement the free version of SpendMap, our video tutorials are a good way to learn about the benefits of e-procurement software in general.

Thanks for  your time and interest.

– The Free-Procurement Project Team


Testing Your Free Purchase Order Software

Todd was trying to refresh his Testing (“sandbox”) copy of SpendMap so that it has the same data and configuration/settings as his Live (“production”) copy, using this menu option…
– PURCHASING > Setup system > Test environment > Create a TEST system from your PRODUCTION system

…but he got the error message “This does not apply to the free version (A test system was already installed in your free folder)“.

Sorry about that Todd.  That menu is only used in our paid (commercial) version.  We use a different approach to manage Testing Systems in the free version of SpendMap.

Here’s how it works…

When you install the Free Version, you will get a folder in your Desktop called “SpendMap Free Version” with five shortcuts in it, one of which is the SpendMap Test System

free purchase order software shortcuts

To refresh the data in your Test System, just run that shortcut and you will be prompted for the location where your Live System is installed, so that it can be copied.  If you’re not sure, just log into your Live System, select the menu Help > System Information, and see #8 “Shared File Location”.

Reminder:  Use of the Test System is not always necessary.  You can also do testing in your Evaluation System, which is preloaded with sample data and the most popular settings.  That said, if you want to test something that might be affected by the settings or data in your Live System, then that’s what the Test System is there for.


Options for exporting data from your free Purchase Order Software

You may have noticed that there is more than one way to export items, suppliers, PO history and other data out of the Free Version of SpendMap.  I am referring to the “Export Any Table” utility versus the “dedicated” export utilities under UTILITY > DATA INTERFACES in each module…

export data from PO system

While you could use Export Any Table to export the same data that is available via the dedicated export utilities, the dedicated exports provide some additional features that might come in handy if you’re going to be doing this on a regular basis, such as…

  • The dedicated exports allow you to set up “export templates”, so that you don’t have to manually select the fields that you want to export each time.
  • When configuring the dedicated exports, you can specify the location/position of each field in the export file.  While Export Any Table does allow you to select the fields that you want to export, you cannot specify, for example, the target column in the Excel file.
  • You can specify the format of date fields (e.g. MM/DD/YY vs. YY-MM-DD) if the other system that will be importing the data uses a different format than you use in SpendMap.
  • You can specify a default value for fields that might be blank in the source table.

Hope this help you pick the best tool for the job!

PDF Printer Driver in Windows 10

If you install the free version of SpendMap on a PC with an earlier version of Windows and then later upgrade the PC to Windows 10, you may need to reinstall SpendMap’s PDF printer driver. (more…)