Switching to the Live Copy of your Free Purchase Order Software

Marty works in the water damage service industry in Florida and was asking how to switch from the Evaluation Copy to the Live Copy of SpendMap when the time comes to actually implement his new PO software…

“I am finished with the evaluation copy…how do I start using the live copy?”

There is no formal “switch”…you can start using the Live Copy at any time.  Just click on the shortcut/icon called “SpendMap Live System”, which should be right next to the shortcut/icon for the Evaluation Copy…

Live Version of Free PO Software

They are actually just separate installations of the software on your computer. So you can use them both simultaneously. For example, even after you start using the Live Copy, you might need to do some testing, or maybe check out a new module, in which case you can go back to your Evaluation Copy any time.

Again, they are just separate installations of the same software, so nothing you do in one copy will affect the other. And, of course, the Evaluation Copy has some sample data, while the Live System is empty to start off with.

For more details, take a look at the sections called “Three Systems (Evaluation, Live and Testing Copies)” and “Time to Implement” in the Getting Started Documentation that came with the software.

Seeing other users’ work in your Free Purchase Order Software

PO-Work-Area-Toolbar-ButtonRandy works at a consulting firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, and was asking why users aren’t able to see other people’s work in SpendMap…

“I installed the free version of SpendMap on a server for two users. They are trying to see each other’s work (one added a PO, but the other can’t see it under the PO Main screen). Is this the way it is supposed to work?”

Randy is referring to Purchase Orders in the users’ PO Work Areas, which contain their “work in progress” (i.e. the POs that are still “on their desks”).  When they’re finished, they will process the new POs, which will update many areas of the system, so that everyone can see (provided they have the appropriate permissions).

So yes, Purchase Orders, Requisitions, RFQs and other “pending” documents/transactions will not be visible (in most areas of the system) until they are processed.

To learn more, check out this section of the Online Help…
– System-Wide Features and Information > System-Wide Features and Utilities > Document Work Areas


Only one sales tax in your Free Purchase Order Software

Sohan works in the automotive tire industry in Australia and was asking how to remove the second Sales Tax field from his printed Purchase Order form in the free version of SpendMap.

“I want to configure tax…in Australia we only have one tax but PO shows tax 2 as well. I don’t want TAX 2 to be seen on PO. How can I do it?”

Sure thing Sohan, you can remove TAX 2 from your printed PO form.  Just go in here…

– PURCHASING > Setup system> Purchase order settings > PO printing settings > Text-Based Field Positions and Field Settings > Standard

…scroll down to Field #89, and un-check the box called “Print Title”.

That will remove the Tax 2 Total from your PO form, but you may (or may not) want to also make a couple changes to the PO Work Area screen, to avoid potential confusion about that field on the users’ part.

For example, you might want to rename the Tax 2 Field to “N/A” or similar, so they know not to use it.  You can do that in here…
– PURCHASING > Setup system > User defined terminology and settings > User defined field names and terminology

If you like, you can go one step further and actually suppress/lock/restrict the field during PO entry, so that users can’t even get to the field by accident. You can do that using…
– PURCHASING > User setup > Field restrictions by user access level > Set field restrictions

Hope that helps!

Important fix for the free version of SpendMap

We corrected a problem in the free version of SpendMap. If you are running version 12.65.6 or earlier, please update your system at your earliest convenience.

The issue only affects systems with the database installed on your local C: drive.  Network installations (i.e. with the database on a server) are not affected by this issue.  If you’re not sure where your database is installed, please see #8 in…
– Help > System Information

The problem relates to the C:\_$PALMAS folder, which SpendMap creates automatically to store its temporary/working files. Specifically, SpendMap was incorrectly creating a new subdirectory under C:\_$PALMAS each time the system was run, and duplicating all the temporary files, thereby unnecessarily consuming hard disk space on the PC.

Here’s what you need to do to correct the problem…

  1. RIGHT-mouse-click on the SpendMap shortcut/icon and select “Run As Administrator” from the menu that is displayed, then log into SpendMap and update your system by selecting the menu…Help > Check For Updates
    Reminder: Your Evalution, Live and Test copies of SpendMap are separate systems – if you use more then one of them, you must do this step separately for each system.
  2. Log back into SpendMap and select the menu…Help > About, and confirm that you are now at version 12.65.7 (or later).
  3. Exit SpendMap.
  4. Delete the CONTENTS of the C:\_$PALMAS folder on your PC.  Again, there may be many subdirectories in there…delete them all, but do NOT delete the main/parent C:\_$PALMAS folder.  You should now have an empty C:\_$PALMAS folder.
  5. Since you may have deleted many subdirectories from C:\_$PALMAS, each of which will be taking up a few MB of hard disk space, you may also want to delete these folders from your Recycle Bin.
  6. You may now resume using SpendMap.

If you have any questions at all, please use our free online support ticket system.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience folks.

How to add a Page Break in your free Purchase Order Software

Sometimes you may need to force a “page break” while entering a PO or other document in the free version of SpendMap.

For example, some people like to add instructions for the supplier or other special notes/comments on a separate page.  Or maybe you want a separate page for each Ship-To location, with a separate list of items for each destination..

To force a page break while entering a new Purchase Order, Requisition or RFQ, use the [Page Break] button at the bottom of the PO, Requisition or RFQ Work Area Summary Screen…

Purchase Order with Page Break

TIP: If you ever need to move line items from one page of the document to another, please note that the [Copy/Cut] button at the bottom of the Line Item Summary Screen works across pages.  That is, you can Cut one or more line items from one page and then Add or Insert them on a different page (or even a different PO).

Free Purchase Order Software is like nuts in the shell

Ever notice how those Christmas nuts (in the shell) taste better?  Having to do a little work makes the victory that little bit sweeter.

Kind of like the free version of SpendMap.  Sure, you’ll have to do some reading and maybe watch some video tutorials, but it’ll sure taste sweet to have a totally free Purchase Order system up and running in the new year.

Or if you prefer your treats ready-to-eat, please call us to learn about our Paid Version with a full range of professional services like one-on-one training and implementation consulting.



We got you some free PO Software for the holidays

Happy holidays!

This year we got you a totally free Purchase Order software system and support.

Hope it fits.

Feel free to re-gift to your friends and business associates.  Everyone loves free PO Software in their stocking, from your lawyer to your dentist to your contractor.

Have fun and be safe everyone.

– Your friends at the Free-Procurement Project and SpendMap.

A gift for you.

How to change company address in your free PO Software

Dan works at a mechanical contracting company in Calgary, Alberta, and was asking how to change the company address information that shows at the top of the PO form in the free version of SpendMap…


That comes from the Bill-To address, which you’ll enter during the Setup Wizard that runs automatically when you log into your Live Copy of SpendMap for the first time.  But there are three ways to modify your Bill-To or Ship-To address information after you have already completed the Setup Wizard…

  1. Just go into the Cost Center Master File here…
    – PURCHASING > Master Files > Cost Centers > Add/Modify/Delete
    …and look for the codes BILL-TO and SHIP-TO, and change the address information associated with those codes. The next time you enter a new PO, the new address info will carry forward to the new PO.
  2. If you’re running the latest release of SpendMap (v12.65 at the time of writing), you can also modify the default bill-to and ship-to address information by re-running the Setup Wizard. To enable the Setup Wizard after you have logged into your Live Copy of SpendMap (and, therefore, already completed the Wizard), go to this utility…
    – PURCHASING > Utility > Special maintenance
    …and enter “ENABLE_WIZARD” (without the quotes), then exit and re-run SpendMap.
    NOTE: you need to be logged into SpendMap with a user account that has an Access Level of 9 to do this. The Access Level is specified in the [Permissions] Folder of the User Master File.
  3. If you just want to modify the bill-to or ship-to address info on individual POs but not all POs going forward, rather than modifying the default bill-to/ship-to information, you can modify it on a PO-by-PO basis, by clicking the “Address” hyperlink, to the right of the Bill-to and Ship-to fields on the PO Header Screen in your PO Work Area.


Listing items by supplier in your free Purchase Order Software

David works at a small furniture manufacturer in the UK and was asking if it’s possible to list only the items provided by one specific supplier while entering new Purchase Orders in the free version of SpendMap.

Sure thing David, when adding items to your Purchase Orders, just RIGHT-mouse click on the [?] Lookup button next to the Item Code field and you’ll be presented with a bunch of ways to search for items.  Notice how the Supplier Field is already filled in with the supplier on the PO (from the previous screen)…

list items by supplier in free PO software

So just click [OK] to get a list of just the items supplied by that supplier.

You can actually do this anywhere in SpendMap, not just in the PO Work Area.

On a separate but related note, if you ever need a hard copy report listing the items from a supplier, try this…
– PURCHASING > Reports > Supplier information > Items supplied by supplier




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