PO numbers by Ship-To location in your Free Purchase Order Software

Jody is using the free version of SpendMap to manage spending for a chain of bar/restaurants, and was wondering if there is a way to set up a separate sequence of PO numbers for each Ship-To location.

While there is no “direct” link between Ship-To locations and PO Number Sets, you can set up an indirect relationship by way of the user accounts.  That is, in the User Master File, you can 1) set up a default Ship-To for each user, and separately 2) assign each user a default PO Number Set.

If you do both those things for all users at a location, and assuming they don’t change the defaults when entering POs (and/or if you lock out those fields so that they cannot change from the defaults), then all POs for each Ship-To will also be for that PO Number Set…


Again, this is not a “hard relationship” (i.e. rule) in the software per se, it is simply one way to configure it.  That said, it seems to work well for most people who ask about this.

You can set up your Ship-To locations in here…
- PURCHASING > Master Files > Cost Centers > Add/Modify/Delete

You can set up your PO Number Sets in here…
- PURCHASING > Setup system > Incrementing document number sets > POs

You can specify the default Ship-To and PO Number Set for each user in the [Settings] Folder of the User Master File, in here…
- PURCHASING > User setup > Add/modify/delete users

And, if you want to, you can lock/restrict access to the PO Number Set field and/or the Ship-To field in the PO Work Area (so that users can’t change from their defaults), using this…
- PURCHASING > User setup > Field restrictions by user access level > Set field restrictions

Canadian Anti-SPAM Laws and your Free Purchase Order Software

spamAn update has been posted to align the free version of SpendMap with the new Canadian Anti-SPAM Laws (CASL), which come into effect next week.

In addition to restricting how companies can use e-mail to communicate with their customers and prospects, CASL includes additional rules for software, specifically how we must notify users when installing software or changing settings on their computers, collection of personal information, and so on.

While the new laws are only applicable to a small portion of our users (less than 10% are in Canada), the new laws are just good business practice in our opinion, so these new improvements will be in everyone’s system, not just our friends in Canada.

At your convenience, please select the menu HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES from within SpendMap to update your system.

Once you do, you may see addition prompts/questions, whenever SpendMap goes to make changes to your computer (e.g. update the PDF printer driver, etc.).

As always, this “patch” will NOT update your version number or change any features.

If you have any questions, please use the free support ticket system.

- The Free-Procurement Project Team

PS.  Have you told anyone about us lately?  Please help spread the word.  Thanks!


Using vs. Implementing your Free Purchase Order Software


Brenda was struggling a bit with her implementation of the free version of SpendMap, so we helped her by providing free support when she had questions about setting up her Master Files, using the built-in integration tools, and otherwise configuring the system to her needs.

But she still had a concern…

I’m worried that if I’m having trouble, it will be impossible for our staff as they are not very computer savvy at all“.

Fair enough, but keep in mind that implementing a business application like this is more involved than just using it for your day-to-day work.  For example, entering a Purchase Order or Requisition in SpendMap is much easier than setting up the master files, going through system configuration, etc.

Our customers tell us all the time that their users can handle the “day-to-day” stuff, with no training at all!

And remember, with User Definable Menus, you can remove everything from your staff’s field of view that they don’t need, leaving only the few functions that they’ll use to do their daily tasks (e.g. Enter a PO or Requisition, check the status of their order, etc.).

But Brenda certainly has a valid point.  This type of system is definitely more involved to set up than, say, a simple word processor or something, that you can just install and start using.  There are configuration settings, workflow options, master files to populate, not to mention mapping the functionality to your business processes, which in and of itself can take some time.

All that said, keep in mind that there is definitely a big carrot to keep you motivated while you work get the system going.

On a separate but related note, we will soon be offering Getting Started training and implementation consulting packages for users of the free version (until now, these services were reserved for people using our paid version only).  Make sure to follow our Blog, where we’ll make the announcement when the Getting Started package is available.

Don’t give up folks.  Rome wasn’t build in a day.

Download was offline – issue resolved

The issue with our website earlier today has been resolved, so you can go ahead and download your free Purchase Order Software now.

Sorry for the inconvenience folks.


Wasting Money is Scary for SMBs

FRIDAY-THE-13THWasting money is pretty scary for most small and medium size businesses.

It’s hard enough to run a profitable business these days, without having to worry about your staff spending money that they shouldn’t be.

Get control of your spending and see where the money is going, with SpendMap’s free Purchasing Management Software.

Happy Friday the 13th.


QuickBooks Integration for your Free Purchase Order Software

QuickBooks is the most popular Accounting system in use by the Free-Procurement community, so we thought we’d give you a little bonus gift with the 2014 release of SpendMap.

We’ve built direct integration with QuickBooks to push approved invoices (bills) and expense reimbursement transactions directly into your QuickBooks database, without the need for batch file exports and imports.

So, for example, once you have approved a supplier’s invoice for payment, SpendMap will create a pending Bill in QuickBooks, so you can cut a check to the supplier and post the transaction to your G/L, with no duplicate data entry.

Direct QuickBooks integration is coming soon, along with 20 or so other new features and capabilities, in the 2014 release of the free version of SpendMap.


People are still skeptical of free Purchase Order Software

skepticalMore than two years into the Free-Procurement Project, we’ve given away more than 20,000 free Purchase Order systems to SMBs in over 100 countries, yet people are still skeptical.

Susan works in a Hospice in Florida, a non-profit organization helping families when they need it most.  Hers is exactly the type of organization that we’re trying to help with this Project.

Susan kindly responded to the survey that we send out a few weeks after people download the free software, and wrote…

The purchase orders are great. The problem I had was the inability to email the purchase orders out. I received error messages and determined that this software program really isn’t free.  The act of misleading the end user is what I was most disappointed in.

The message she is referring to says that the e-mail module needs to be set up, not that it needs to be purchased.  I think perhaps Susan must have had an underlying assumption that a totally free Purchase Order System, worth literally thousands of dollars, is too good to be true, which led her to jump to a wrong conclusion.

And Susan is not alone.  Despite our best efforts, people still think there’s a catch.

So for all you skeptics out there, I’m here to tell you that the free version of SpendMap it just that, totally free.

Trust is a pretty hard thing to earn on the Internet these days but we’re trying.

Problem with installation package corrected (“This is an old version of SpendMap” message)

Today we fixed a problem with the installation package that caused the following message to be displayed for brand new installations of the free version of SpendMap…

If you see that message when you run the system for the first time, you will need to uninstall and then reinstall the software using the updated installation package, which you can download here.

Sorry for the inconvenience folks.

TIP:  Before running the uninstall process, please see the section “Uninstalling/Removing the system” in the Getting Started Documentation that came with the software, as there are a couple additional steps that you need to take to completely remove the system before reinstalling.  If you miss that, you’ll also see a “reminder” about this on the page that you get to after the initial uninstall process.

Uninstalling your free Purchase Order Software will delete your data

BadDayToday was a bad day.  We had to tell a friend that his data/history was deleted when he uninstalled the system (which was installed on his local C: drive, rather than on a network server).

To make things worse, he also didn’t have a backup of his system, so now he has to start over.  That’s no fun.


So here are a few important things to keep in mind…

  • Per the note under “Uninstalling/Removing the System” in the Getting Started Documentation that comes with the software, if the software is installed on your C: drive, uninstalling the system will remove the software AND delete all your data/history.
  • Please consider moving the database to a network server (even if you only need a single-user system).  That way, your data will be backed up with everything else on the server.  For details, please see “Network Installation Instructions” in the Getting Started Documentation.
  • Please, please, please back up your system on a regular basis.  Details are under “Backup and Restore Procedures” in the Getting Started Documentation.

If this is too much work for you, please consider upgrading to the On-Demand (hosted/SaaS) version of SpendMap.  It’s not free like the Windows/desktop version, but with SpendMap On-Demand we do the backups, upgrades and other system maintenance for you as part of the monthly service.

Tomorrow is another day…

Can you help a fellow Spend-Mapper?

helping-handFernando has a small business in Florida and he needs some help implementing the free version of SpendMap but he doesn’t have any budget for our training and implementation services.  He has made some progress on his own using the Online Help and our free support ticket system but he’s hoping to make faster progress.

Is there anyone out there that would be willing to help Fernando?  Perhaps share what you’ve learned with your own implementation of SpendMap?

If you can help us help a friend, please send us an e-mail at free-procurement@spendmap.com and we’ll make a virtual introduction.

We would like to help him ourselves but we’re unusually busy these days preparing to roll out the 2014 release of the system.

Thanks folks!



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