Purchase Order Software – Free Version

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SpendMap’s free Purchase Order Software System can help you streamline any or all steps of your purchasing process.

You can automate just your Purchase Orders if that’s all you need or expand to things like online requisitions and approvals, RFQs, supplier invoice approval or even inventory control and asset management.

The free version is intended for small businesses.  It’s a Windows/desktop application that can be installed on your local C: drive or on a network file server for multi-user access to a shared database.  Installation takes only a few minutes and you don’t need any special technical skills.

We also sell a web-based version for larger implementations, which can be installed on your server (On-Premise) or we can host it for you in the Cloud (On-Demand, SaaS).

The functionality of the free Windows/desktop Purchase Order Software is the same as the paid web-based version.

Free Modules

SpendMap’s free Purchase Order Software System is modular and easily expandable, so you can start with only what you need today and add to the system as your needs grow.

Even within each module, the functionality is compartmentalized for the most part, so you don’t necessarily need to use all areas/features within a module.  If all you need is paperless Purchase Orders, then you can just use that piece.

For the most part, the modules are organized around the steps in the procurement process, including;

  • Requisitions and Approvals
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receiving
  • Supplier Invoice Approval
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Additional “Materials Management” modules include:

  • Consumable Inventory Control
  • Fixed Asset Management

For details on each module, please visit the modules page of our corporate website.

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