Free PO Software? Really?

Purchase Order Software that's really freeWhy not?  Most of Google’s products are free.  Wikipedia is free.  Facebook is free.

Why shouldn’t there be free software to automate Purchase Orders and related processes?

So it must be a limited version, right?

Nope.  There are no restrictions, no limits on the number of users or suppliers or transactions, and it will never time-out.

And it’s certainly not some over-glorified word processor or mediocre add-on for your accounting or ERP system.  This is enterprise-class e-procurement functionality…for free!

Totally free.  Like Google free.  Like Facebook free.  Like Wikipedia free.

Here, this video might help – it outlines what you get when you download the free version of SpendMap. Just click the image below to watch the video on our YouTube channel…

Watch on YouTube

So is it any good?

Thousands of people who use it every day certainly think so.

But don’t take their word for it (or ours for that matter).  Just Download your free Purchase Order Software and see for yourself.

So what’s the catch?

Well, at this price we can’t give you the kind of personal service that we do our paying customers.  So to help you out, we put together everything you’ll need for a do-it-yourself implementation, including a simple setup wizard, quick-start tutorial videos, and a detailed online help system.  There’s also free online support and don’t forget about this blog, which we certainly hope you will subscribe to.

Also, the free version isn’t browser-based, so you’ll need to install the software on your PCs.  That will limit the size of your deployment but the free Windows/desktop version should meet your needs unless you have a large user base.  If you do, please contact our full service division to learn more about the web-based version of SpendMap.

If you like, you can start with the free version and upgrade down the road.  Or not.  If the free version meets your needs, you can use it forever…for free.

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