Don’t let this happen to your free Purchase Order Software

An old friend of ours is having a pretty bad day…

“We experienced a major technical issue that affected our entire company. We have been using the free version of Spendmap (for four years), but have lost all of our data.”

Please, please, please don’t let this happen to you!

REMINDER: The database for your free version of SpendMap is installed on your own computer or server and needs to be backed up. Please see the section “Backup and Restore Procedures”, in the Getting Started Documentation that comes with the software.

REMINDER: You can also upgrade to the SaaS/Cloud version of SpendMap, in which case we take care of the backups for you. We also install updates for you and provide one-on-one training and support. It’s all included in your low monthly subscription. Please contact us for a quote or Price Sheet. And yes, when you upgrade to the Cloud Version of SpendMap, we will migrate your free system’s database for you, so you won’t lose any of your work in Spendmap 🙂

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