Purchase Order Software Benefits

The Free-Procurement Project is about much more than just free Purchase Order software.

Your entire purchasing process can be free of paperwork.  Free of budget overruns.  Free of maverick spending.   Free of frustration and unwelcome surprises.

Paperwork is Dead

With SpendMap, you can automate manual purchasing processes, eliminate paperwork/spreadsheets/email, reduce errors and save time.

Control spendingSpend Control Rocks!

SpendMap empowers you to control your corporate spending. You can increase budget compliance, eliminate unwanted spending and improve your bottom line.

The diligent use of Purchase Orders is usually the first line of defense against unwanted spending but when paper-based and other rudimentary systems fall short, many Buyers, Purchasing Managers, CFOs and small business owners turn to SpendMap to gain control of their Purchasing.  Because every dollar that you DON’T spend goes directly to your bottom line.

Visibility Helps Too

SpendMap enables strategic purchasing initiatives by improving your visibility into your spending.  You can reduce maverick purchasing, direct your staff to the right items from the right suppliers, and lower the prices that you’re paying for the goods and services that you need to keep your business running.

For more information about how this free software can help, you can visit our corporate website.