Support Ticket System for free Purchase Order Software

We are upgrading some of our servers, so the free Support Ticket System will be offline for part of the day today.

If you need any help with the free version of SpendMap, just send an e-mail to and a new support ticket will be created for you automatically.

Thanks for your patience as we improve our infrastructure and prepare for additional growth in 2013.

New SpendMap Website – update your free Purchase Order Software

Our new corporate website came online yesterday.

Many hyperlinks in your free version of SpendMap will now be broken.  You can wait for the next automatic update (could be up to 7 days) or you can select  HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES  from the Main Menu to update your system immediately.

In addition to a fresh design and updated content, the new website now incorporates The Free-Procurement Project into our core SpendMap brand.

You can read the press release here.

Thanks for your patience as we make this transition.

I’d like to make a special shout-out to the team at i4 Solutions who I think did a great job on the site and were wonderful to work with during the whole process.  This is the second project we’ve done with i4 and I’d recommend them for website design and web-based application development.

I’d also like to thank Jeremy Miller at Sticky Branding for his advice at the outset of the project (the Free project, not the new website).  While we didn’t formally engage Jeremy on this project, we appreciate his generous advice and encouragement as we set out to learn about social media marketing and organizing large groups of people.  Thanks Jeremy!