Switching to the Live Copy of your Free Purchase Order Software

Marty works in the water damage service industry in Florida and was asking how to switch from the Evaluation Copy to the Live Copy of SpendMap when the time comes to actually implement his new PO software…

“I am finished with the evaluation copy…how do I start using the live copy?”

There is no formal “switch”…you can start using the Live Copy at any time.  Just click on the shortcut/icon called “SpendMap Live System”, which should be right next to the shortcut/icon for the Evaluation Copy…

Live Version of Free PO Software

They are actually just separate installations of the software on your computer. So you can use them both simultaneously. For example, even after you start using the Live Copy, you might need to do some testing, or maybe check out a new module, in which case you can go back to your Evaluation Copy any time.

Again, they are just separate installations of the same software, so nothing you do in one copy will affect the other. And, of course, the Evaluation Copy has some sample data, while the Live System is empty to start off with.

For more details, take a look at the sections called “Three Systems (Evaluation, Live and Testing Copies)” and “Time to Implement” in the Getting Started Documentation that came with the software.

Your network server may be a safer place for your free Purchase Order Software

Craig had the Free Version of SpendMap installed on his laptop (including the database), and the voltage regulator went out, so he couldn’t power up his machine.

Luckily, he was able to make an image of the drive, so we were able to get his system up and running on his new PC.

Since laptop and desktop computers are not as reliable as servers, please consider installing SpendMap on a network server by following the “Network Installation Instructions”, in the Getting Started Documentation that came with your free Software.

You’ll sleep better at night with your database resting peacefully on a nice, safe network drive, even if you don’t need multi-user access to the system.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.