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Approving Supplier Invoices the Easy Way

Are you looking for an easier way to approve your suppliers’ invoices for payment?  Tired of all the paperwork, phone calls and emails?

SpendMap’s Invoice Approval and A/P Interface Module really simplifies the process.

Check out our new video tutorial, below.  Or better yet, take a free test drive of our Pro Version and see for yourself.

New Tutorial: Prepayment Invoices (e.g. deposits)

If you’re using SpendMap’s Invoice Approval Module to simplify the approval of your suppliers’ invoices, things are going to get even easier with the upcoming 2017 release of SpendMap.  Stay tuned for more information and official release dates.

SpendMap now supports Prepayments, such as deposits and progress payments, to authorize payment to a supplier before the products or services have been delivered.

SpendMap will keep track of the outstanding prepayments when processing subsequent invoices for the Purchase Order, to make sure that you pay the correct amount in the end.

Check out our new video tutorial on Prepayment Invoices and don’t forget to follow this blog (see right sidebar) to be notified when the new release is ready.

Printing Invoices in your Free Purchase Order Software

Sean wasn’t the first to ask about printing invoices in SpendMap…

“I am trying to learn about SpendMap to see if we can use it for our small business…I can’t find where to add our company logo to the Invoice form. Can you point me in the right direction?”

SpendMap does not print invoices – your suppliers will.

To clarify, SpendMap’s Invoice Approval Module is used to approve your supplier’s invoices, by allowing you to quickly and easily match their invoices to your Purchase Orders (and optionally Receipts too), to make sure that you bought and received the stuff before paying for it.

But SpendMap is not an invoicing (Accounts Receivable) system, so we don’t print/generate invoices (i.e. to send to your customers).  That would be something that you might find in a Sales/Distribution system but not a Purchasing System.

If, however, you’re looking to add your logo to the PO form, then yes, you can upload your logo in a couple ways. The most common way would be during the Setup Wizard that runs automatically when you log into your Live Copy of SpendMap. If you missed that or if for some reason you’re trying to change the logo in your Evaluation Copy of SpendMap (the one with all our sample data), then you can do that in here…
– PURCHASING > Setup system> Purchase order settings > PO printing settings > Settings

Just click the [CHANGE PO LAYOUT OPTION] button, and upload your logo using the link on the right-side of the screen.

QuickBooks Integration for your Free Purchase Order Software

QuickBooks is the most popular Accounting system in use by the Free-Procurement community, so we thought we’d give you a little bonus gift with the 2014 release of SpendMap.

We’ve built direct integration with QuickBooks to push approved invoices (bills) and expense reimbursement transactions directly into your QuickBooks database, without the need for batch file exports and imports.

So, for example, once you have approved a supplier’s invoice for payment, SpendMap will create a pending Bill in QuickBooks, so you can cut a check to the supplier and post the transaction to your G/L, with no duplicate data entry.

Direct QuickBooks integration is coming soon, along with 20 or so other new features and capabilities, in the 2014 release of the free version of SpendMap.


New Tutorial: Invoice Approval and Accounts Payable Interface Module

This new video tutorial shows you how to quickly and easily approve supplier invoices by matching them to Purchase Orders and Receipts already in SpendMap (three-way matching).

The video also reviews Invoice Discrepancy approval and Non-PO Invoices as well.

Click the image below to watch the tutorial on YouTube, and don’t forget to visit our Channel to see 15 other video tutorials that will help you get started with the most popular features in your free Purchase Order system…

Click to watch Invoice Approval video tutorial