Don’t forget to reindex your free Purchase Order Software

The embedded database that comes with the free version of SpendMap is ideal for a free PO System like this because it’s super easy to install (the database actually installs itself when you install SpendMap).

But unlike SQL Server and Oracle databases used in our paid version, there’s nothing running on the server to do any behind-the-scenes database maintenance.

So it’s important to reindex the embedded database once in a while.  For details, please see this section of the Online Help…
– PURCHASING > Utility > Database Maintenance > Reindex all tables

If you would like the system to remind you to run the reindex utility from time to time, just enable the first setting in the [Permissions] tab of the User Master File.

And remember, you can also run the reindex operation automatically (unattended) from a task scheduler.  Here’s the Help section…
– System-Wide Features and Information > System Admin and Maintenance > Unattended Mode

FYI – We just finished a new scripting option to make it faster and easier to configure unattended operations…no more need to preconfigure pop-up options for a user account.  One less thing.