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Screen Resolution Settings and your Free Purchase Order Software

We’ve had a few support tickets from people who are using the free version of SpendMap on Microsoft’s new Surface Pro Tablets, with the setting “Make text and other items larger or smaller” set pretty high (e.g. 150%).

Settings like this can affect SpendMap’s minimum screen resolution test, resulting in an error message that you don’t have the required minimum 1024×768 screen size.

If you get this error message, try adjusting that setting to 125% (or until you stop getting the message).

TIP: The higher your screen resolution, the smaller SpendMap (and other software applications) will appear on your screen.  Instead of adjusting your computer’s overall screen settings, you might also consider adjusting the “Font/screen scaling factor” in SpendMap, using setting #10 in Workstation Configuration Settings (PURCHASING > Setup system > Workstation configuration settings).  This will make SpendMap appear bigger on your screen, without affecting other apps on your PC.

screen resolution

Upgrading your free Purchase Order Software is easier than you think

We had a couple support tickets from people using the free version of SpendMap in a multiuser/network environment, asking if they have to apply the recent update to each PC workstation.

No, you only need to run the update once, on the PC/workstation of your choice. All other workstations will be updated auto-magically when they run SpendMap the first time after the upgrade, at which time SpendMap will pull the new files down from the server to the individual PCs.

Please update your free Purchase Order system at your earliest convenience, as we would like to eventually stop supporting version 11.64.


It’s time to upgrade your Free Purchase Order Software

If you are still using last year’s release (v11.64), you can now upgrade your Free version of SpendMap to the latest release (v11.98).

The new release includes more than 20 new features and capabilities, in addition to various minor fixes and performance improvements.  Please update your system at your earliest convenience, as we will eventually stop supporting version 11.64.

The upgrade utility will bring forward all your data, history, settings, etc., so you will not lose any of your work in SpendMap.

For complete details and instructions for upgrading your system, please select the menu HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES, then follow the red hyperlink that you will see at the bottom of the Main Menu in SpendMap.

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Windows 8 Support for Free Purchase Order Software

Windows 8The 2013 Release of SpendMap is here, with Windows 8 support and around 20 other new features.

So if you’ve been waiting for Win8 support before downloading your Free Purchase Order Software, the wait is over.  You can download the 2013 Release here.

New Systems Only

This is for new installations only and cannot be used to update your system if you’re already using the Free version of SpendMap (the 2012 release).

For those already using the system, we are working on an update utility to bring your system forward to the 2013 release.  The update utility will retain all your data/history, so you won’t lose any of your work when you upgrade.  Just follow this blog to be notified when the update utility is ready, which we expect will be in the next couple weeks.

More Firewall Friendly

We also made the 2013 release more firewall and proxy server friendly and reduced the frequency that the system checks for updates, so if you had any trouble getting it going before, you might want to give it another try now.

If you need any help, please use our free Support Ticket System.


Windows 8 Support for your Free Purchase Order Software

I’m writing this blog post on my fancy new Windows 8 machine with touch screen.  It’s taking a bit to get used to but I must say, I’m liking the new Windows 8 experience and I suspect it will be a big hit for Microsoft.

We have completed our development work on the 2013 release of SpendMap, which includes Windows 8 support and around 20 other new features, and we have begun our testing phase.

If you are already using last year’s release of our Free Purchase Order System (v11.64), make sure to follow this blog and we’ll let you know when an update is ready.  As with all new SpendMap releases, the update utility is completely automatic and will bring forward all your settings, master files, POs and other transactions, so you won’t lose any of your work.

Happy 2013 everyone!

Free Purchase Order Software – Status Update

Our Blog will be a little more quiet than usual for the next few weeks as we work on the 2013 release of SpendMap, which we hope to officially announce early in the Next Year.

While some of the new features will only be available in the (paid) web-based version of SpendMap (e.g. Executive Dashboards, SQL Server 2012 support, etc.), we expect around 20 or so new features to make their way into the next free version of SpendMap.  Here are just a few…

  • Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
  • Ability to create Requisitions for Blanket Purchase Orders
  • New utility to import requisition approval/routing rules during system setup
  • Ability to broadcast e-mails to all or some suppliers from within SpendMap
  • New e-mail notification:  e-mail copy of final Purchase Order to the Requisitioner
  • Ability to specify Max inventory levels by inventory location

Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the release date.

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