Only one sales tax in your Free Purchase Order Software

Sohan works in the automotive tire industry in Australia and was asking how to remove the second Sales Tax field from his printed Purchase Order form in the free version of SpendMap.

“I want to configure tax…in Australia we only have one tax but PO shows tax 2 as well. I don’t want TAX 2 to be seen on PO. How can I do it?”

Sure thing Sohan, you can remove TAX 2 from your printed PO form.  Just go in here…

– PURCHASING > Setup system> Purchase order settings > PO printing settings > Text-Based Field Positions and Field Settings > Standard

…scroll down to Field #89, and un-check the box called “Print Title”.

That will remove the Tax 2 Total from your PO form, but you may (or may not) want to also make a couple changes to the PO Work Area screen, to avoid potential confusion about that field on the users’ part.

For example, you might want to rename the Tax 2 Field to “N/A” or similar, so they know not to use it.  You can do that in here…
– PURCHASING > Setup system > User defined terminology and settings > User defined field names and terminology

If you like, you can go one step further and actually suppress/lock/restrict the field during PO entry, so that users can’t even get to the field by accident. You can do that using…
– PURCHASING > User setup > Field restrictions by user access level > Set field restrictions

Hope that helps!

Currency and Tax setup in free Purchase Order Software

We’ve had a few support tickets from folks in the United Kingdom, asking how to change the default currency in SpendMap from dollars ($) to pounds sterling (£).

The question usually comes alongside another question about how to set up Value Added Tax (VAT) as the default sales tax rate in the system.

So this blog post outlines the options for changing the default currency and taxes in the free version of SpendMap.  I’ll use “pounds” and “VAT” as the examples, but SpendMap supports other currencies and taxes too, which you can set up in the Tax and Exchange Rates Master File.

Setup Wizard

First things first, I guess I should mention that you will be prompted to select your currency and default taxes during the Setup Wizard, which will run automatically when you log into your Live (Production) copy of SpendMap for the first time.

If for some reason you want to change the currency or taxes in the Evaluation copy of SpendMap (the sample data in the Evaluation copy uses dollars ($) and a generic tax code of “TAX 1”), or if you just missed that part of the Setup Wizard the first time you ran your Live copy, keep reading to learn how to change the default currency and taxes after-the-fact…