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Update to Fix False Positive Virus Warning on PDF Printer Driver

maintenanceLast week a popular antivirus software system reported a “false positive” related to SpendMap’s PDF printer driver.  That is, the antivirus software reported that SpendMap may contain a virus even though it does not.

The antivirus software company promptly whitelisted SpendMap, which immediately stopped the warning message, but after analyzing the problem we decided to post an update for SpendMap anyway because we can see it happening again.  Here’s why…

The virus software didn’t report that SpendMap actually contains a virus but rather that it MAY have a virus.  It was the antivirus software’s “proactive” threat detection that for some reason didn’t like how SpendMap was invoking our PDF printer driver when previewing reports.  It saw the communication between SpendMap and the printer driver as “suspicious”, and logged it as a potential threat.  No big deal.

But since each antivirus software can deal with “potential” threats differently, we decided that it would be prudent to proactively patch SpendMap to minimize any potential inconvenience to our customers.  For example, while in this case only a warning was displayed and SpendMap kept working, had the antivirus software instead quarantined or deleted any of our systems files, that might have been much harder to recover from.

So, to keep your SpendMap system running smoothly, please use the menu Help > Check For Updates, at your earliest convenience.  This will update your system to version 14.16.11.  You can see which version you are running, using the menu Help > About in SpendMap.

After applying the update, you must run SpendMap as an Administrator on each PC so that it can install the new PDF printer driver.  To do this, simply right-mouse-click on the shortcut/icon that you use to run SpendMap, select “Run as Administrator” from the menu that is displayed, then follow the prompts to install the new printer driver.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Excel Report Fix for your Free Purchase Order Software

Excel Reports BustedWith the help of some of our friends in the Free-Procurement Community, we found and corrected a couple problems in the Free Version of SpendMap related to exporting reports to Excel.  Thanks Cathy and Therina, for helping us track this down!

Depending on your version of Windows and Excel, SpendMap might exit and/or produce a Runtime Error when it tries to create the spreadsheet, after generating the report.

Please select the menu HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES within SpendMap to update your system.  This is a “patch” only (i.e. not a version upgrade), so it will not change any features and your system will remain at version 14.

Sorry for the inconvenience, folks.  If you have any questions, you can reach us via our free support ticket system.

Retiring Last Year’s Free Purchase Order Software (v12.65)

It has been a few months since we released version 14, so now the time has come to officially stop supporting the previous Free Version of SpendMap (v12.65).

Please upgrade at your earliest convenience.  The upgrade utility will bring forward all your data, history, settings, etc., so you will not lose any of your work in SpendMap.

For instructions on how to upgrade your system and a list of new features, from within SpendMap please select the menu HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES.  This will not actually install the upgrade.  Rather, if you are using v12.65, this will expose a red hyperlink at the bottom of the Main Menu in SpendMap…just click the hyperlink to see full upgrade instructions.

The Free-Procurement Project Team
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Upgrade your Free Purchase Order Software

Upgrade your Free Purchase Order Software to 2016 Release

If you are using v12.65 of the Free Version of SpendMap, you can now upgrade to the 2016 release (Version 14).  You can check your current version number using the menu Help > About.

The new release includes more than 30 new features and capabilities, in addition to various performance improvements.

Easy Upgrade Utility

The upgrade utility will bring forward all your data, history, settings, etc., so you will not lose any of your work in SpendMap.

Just log into your current v12.65 SpendMap system and select the menu HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES.  This will download a patch to your v12.65 system – you will still be at v12.65 at this point but you will now see a red hyperlink at the bottom of the Main Menu of SpendMap…you can click that hyperlink to see full upgrade instructions before actually upgrading to v14 .

Upgrade your free PO Software


Updated Video Tutorials for your Free Purchase Order Software

We started updating some of the video tutorials on our YouTube Channel to show the 2016 release of SpendMap (v14).

Note the version number in the title of each video.

We plan to update more videos in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, feel free to refer to the older videos, even if you’re using the latest release of SpendMap.  We never take features away, so anything that you see in the older videos will still apply to newer releases of SpendMap, albeit with some differences in the screens.


Who’s Ready to Upgrade their Free Purchase Order Software?

We’re starting to roll-out the 2016 Release of SpendMap, version 14, including more than 30 new features and capabilitiesNew Version of SpendMap

We’re looking for a few “early adopters” to try out the new release before we make it available to the rest of the Free-Procurement community.

So what do you say?  Would you like to give v14 a try?  The upgrade utility will bring forward all your data, history, settings, etc., so you will not lose any of your work in SpendMap.

Please send an e-mail to and we will reply with instructions for upgrading your system.

We think you’re going to like this one 🙂

Hope to hear from you soon!

Cool New Stuff Coming to your Free Purchase Order Software

We’re getting ready to roll out the 2016 release of SpendMap, version 14.

Don’t miss any of the important announcements – follow our Blog using the field on the right side of this page.  You can unsubscribe any time.

There’s lots of cool new stuff coming your way soon, including new Excel-based reports that you can add additional fields/columns to, new and improved budget tracking features, attachment capability to complement the internal notes in the Item and Supplier Master Files, and much more.

We can’t wait either!


Upgraded e-mail features in your free Purchase Order Software

We made two fairly significant improvements to the e-mail features in the Free Version of SpendMap (including v12.65)…mail-GREEN

1) Encrypted E-Mail

SpendMap now supports encrypted (SSL/TLS) connections to the mail server.  Better security aside, we have been finding that more and more e-mail providers (like Google’s Gmail) no longer support unencrypted connections.  If you previously had trouble getting SpendMap to work with your e-mail system, please try again after upgrading.

Note the new “Secure Connection” setting under the Server Name or IP Address field, in…
– PURCHASING > Setup system > e-mail settings

Please note that to send e-mail, SpendMap now requires the Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0 or above to be installed on the PC (available since 2010).

We normally don’t make changes to published versions of SpendMap but we made an exception in this case due to recent changes at Google and the increasing number of requests for this feature.

2) Free, Built-In E-mail Service

The free version of SpendMap now includes a free, built-in e-mail service, which you can use instead of configuring the system to use your own e-mail server or ISP.

Just enter “SpendMap” in the Server Name or IP Address field in E-mail Settings to use this free service (don’t worry about the other SMTP settings as they will be ignored when using the built-in e-mail service).  The Online Help for the Server Name or IP Address field has additional details.

For new downloads of the free version of SpendMap, the Evaluation Copy is preconfigured to use this new e-mail service.  If you already have SpendMap installed, your settings will not change automatically but you can manually change the Server Name or IP Address field per above if you want to use this free service.

Important fix for the free version of SpendMap

We corrected a problem in the free version of SpendMap. If you are running version 12.65.6 or earlier, please update your system at your earliest convenience.

The issue only affects systems with the database installed on your local C: drive.  Network installations (i.e. with the database on a server) are not affected by this issue.  If you’re not sure where your database is installed, please see #8 in…
– Help > System Information

The problem relates to the C:\_$PALMAS folder, which SpendMap creates automatically to store its temporary/working files. Specifically, SpendMap was incorrectly creating a new subdirectory under C:\_$PALMAS each time the system was run, and duplicating all the temporary files, thereby unnecessarily consuming hard disk space on the PC.

Here’s what you need to do to correct the problem…

  1. RIGHT-mouse-click on the SpendMap shortcut/icon and select “Run As Administrator” from the menu that is displayed, then log into SpendMap and update your system by selecting the menu…Help > Check For Updates
    Reminder: Your Evalution, Live and Test copies of SpendMap are separate systems – if you use more then one of them, you must do this step separately for each system.
  2. Log back into SpendMap and select the menu…Help > About, and confirm that you are now at version 12.65.7 (or later).
  3. Exit SpendMap.
  4. Delete the CONTENTS of the C:\_$PALMAS folder on your PC.  Again, there may be many subdirectories in there…delete them all, but do NOT delete the main/parent C:\_$PALMAS folder.  You should now have an empty C:\_$PALMAS folder.
  5. Since you may have deleted many subdirectories from C:\_$PALMAS, each of which will be taking up a few MB of hard disk space, you may also want to delete these folders from your Recycle Bin.
  6. You may now resume using SpendMap.

If you have any questions at all, please use our free online support ticket system.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience folks.