Free Purchase Order Software – Cloud or Desktop

We’re now offering the Free Version of SpendMap in the Cloud (no software to install, backup or maintain), in most English-speaking countries. Get your free Cloud Purchase Order Software here.

Our free Windows/desktop version is still available in all countries, if you prefer to install software on your own PC or server.  Download your free Desktop Version here.

You’re welcome 🙂

Free Cloud Purchase Order Software Circles the Globe

The free Cloud Version of SpendMap has expanded to over 50 countries in the 6 months since we launched.

If you work in any of the following countries, sign-up here and you’ll be creating and managing Purchase Orders for your business in minutes, for free.

Or, if you still prefer to install software on your own PC or server, our free Desktop Version is still available in all countries.

Either way, Cloud or Desktop, this Purchase Order Software is totally free. We hope it helps to improve your workday, with faster and easier Purchase Order management for your business.

Free Cloud Purchase Order Software now available in…

AG – Antigua and Barbuda
AI – Anguilla
AT – Austria
AU – Australia
BB – Barbados
BE – Belgium
BM – Bermuda
BS – Bahamas
BZ – Belize
CA – Canada
CK – Cook Islands
CR – Costa Rica
DK – Denmark
DM – Dominica
DO – Dominican Republic
FK – Falkland Islands
GB – England
GD – Grenada
GI – Gibraltar
GT – Guatemala
GY – Guyana
HN – Honduras
HU – Hungary
IE – Ireland
IL – Israel
IS – Iceland
IM – Isle of Man
JE – Jersey
JM – Jamaica
KY – Cayman Islands
LC – Saint Lucia
MS – Montserrat
MT – Malta
MX – Mexico
NG – Nigeria
NI – Nicaragua
NL – Netherlands
NO – Norway
NZ – New Zealand
PA – Panama
PL – Poland
PR – Puerto Rico
SE – Sweden
SH – Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
SL – Sierra Leone
SR – Suriname
TC – Turks and Caicos Islands
TT – Trinidad and Tobago
UG – Uganda
UK – United Kingdom
US – United States of America
VG – British Virgin Islands
ZA – South Africa
ZM – Zambia
ZW – Zimbabwe

Date Format in your Free Purchase Order Software

Emma reached out to us, asking how to change the format of date fields in the Free Version of SpendMap…

“I have just registered but the date setting is incorrect. We are in the UK so the date needs to be formatted as DD/MM/YY whereas currently it is set to MM/DD/YY.”

Sure thing, Emma, you can change the format of your date fields in step 6/14 of the Setup Wizard that runs automatically when you log into your Live Copy of SpendMap for the first time.

After that, you can change it in User Defined Field Settings…
– PURCHASING > Setup system > User defined terminology and settings > User defined field settings

Separately, you can also fine-tune the date format for your printed Purchase Order forms, using the setting “Printed Date Format”, in PO Printing Settings…
– PURCHASING > Setup system> Purchase order settings > PO printing settings > Settings

Purchase Order Numbers in your Free PO Software

We’ve had a few questions about the exclamation marks (!) that show next to the PO number on Purchase Order forms in the Free Version of SpendMap…

The exclamation marks will only show when you “preview” the PO in your Purchase Order Work Area but will not show when you actually process the order and print an official copy or e-mail it to your supplier.

Some form layouts also include something like “Draft copy – do not process” somewhere on the form.

You can process your new Purchase Orders using this menu option…
Purchase Orders > Process New POs > Process my POs

…or you can select the “process now” prompt when leaving your PO Work Area.

Hope that helps 🙂

Hoping for Free Purchase Order Software from Santa?

The old software was hung,
The users cried “It’s not fair”.
The Purchasing Manager pulled out,
What was left of her hair.

“We can’t take it no more,
This old system’s the pits.
It’s time for a new one,
We’re at the end of our wits.”

“But we don’t have the money”,
The CEO said with chagrin,
“We’ll just have to wait,
For more cash to come in.”

They were sad and frustrated,
They’d heard so many NOs.
How they longed for new software,
To automate their POs.

But then SpendMap came through,
With PO software for FREE,
And things soon got much better,
Oh, the hope and the glee!

They just couldn’t believe,
It does seem kinda funny,
That their fancy new software,
Didn’t cost any money!

And it works so darn well,
They process POs and receive,
They email Purchase Orders to suppliers,
With no paper and such ease.

But that’s just what we do,
It just how we give back.
It’s our pleasure to give you,
This little gift from Spend-Map.

Happy Holidays from your friends at the Free-Procurement Project.

Avoid File Hosting Services for your Free Purchase Order Software

Please do not try to use Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or other cloud-based file hosting services for your free Windows/desktop version of SpendMap.  It just doesn’t work.

You can certainly back up your system/database to those services; you just can’t install your active/live database there. 

That’s because, as with other database applications, the files/tables in SpendMap’s database are constantly being opened and updated as you process Purchase Orders and other transactions in SpendMap.  And when files are being copied/uploaded to those cloud-based file hosting services, they are locked and not accessible to SpendMap and so you will get a runtime error if SpendMap tries to access the files as they are being moved up to the cloud (which happens each time a file is modified).

That said, you can certainly 1) exit/close SpendMap and then, 2) copy your database folder to Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive as a backup, while SpendMap is not running.  Again, you just can’t keep the live/active database files there.  For more details, please see the section “Backup and Restore Procedures”, in the Getting Started Documentation that comes with the software.

And just as a reminder, if you want your SpendMap data to be stored in the Cloud, we offer a SaaS version as well. You can try a free demo of our Cloud-based Purchase Order Software here.

Update for v14.84 (accumulated fixes)

A patch has been posted to correct various minor issues in version 14.84 of the free version of SpendMap.

Please select the menu HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES from within SpendMap to update your system.

This is a “patch” only (i.e. not a full version upgrade), so your system will remain at version 14.84

If you have any questions, please use our free support ticket system.

Move your Free Purchase Order Software to another PC

We’ve has a few chats with people wanting to move their free version of SpendMap from one computer to another.  Here’s everything you need to know…

REMINDER: In addition to moving SpendMap form computer to computer as described below, another option is to install the system on a network server so that you can access it from any computer on your Local Area Network. For details, please see “Network Installation Instructions”, in the Getting Started Documentation that comes with the software.

Also, please keep in mind that you can upgrade to our web-based version and then you can access the system from any computer with an Internet connection. More importantly, you’ll never have to worry about software installation, maintenance, backups or applying updates, as we take care of everything for you. You can try our Cloud version here if you like.

OK, to move the free Windows/desktop version of SpendMap to a different computer, you do NOT need to download and reinstall a new copy of the system. You just need to move the database/application folder and the shortcuts/icons that you use to run the system.


Button TIPs in your Free Purchase Order Software

Expanding on the Bubble Tips that we added to key screens last year, we recently added helpful pop-up Tips to most of the buttons in SpendMap.

Just hover your mouse over a button to see a description of what it does..

For even more details on buttons, fields or anything else that you see on-screen in SpendMap, click the [Help] button on any screen.

Unit of Measure Conversion in your Free Purchase Order Software

Did you know that you can use different units of measure when entering Purchase Orders, Receipts and other transactions in the free version of SpendMap and the system will convert from one unit to the other for you automatically?

For example, it’s quite common that the purchase quantity and pricing on Purchase Orders are in different units of measure.

You can set up as many units of measure as you like, along with a “conversion factor”, in the Units of Measure Master File…
– PURCHASING > Master Files > Units of measure > Add/modify/delete

And then you can select different units of measure on Purchase Orders and other areas in SpendMap…