Too many options for users in free Purchase Order Software

(or “I don’t want my users seeing that”)

One of the most common topics of discussion we’ve been having in our free system setup/training sessions has been around user profiles and how to restrict users so that…

  1. they can’t do certain things in the system,
  2. they can’t see certain information, or
  3. just to make it easier for users that don’t need access to the entire system.

Most of you seem to be logging into the Evaluation Copy using the user ID with full access to all functionality (the user “FULL”), but this user profile, while convenient for evaluation purposes, would be unusual for a real user account in your Live/Production system.

Rather, you would likely set up restricted user profiles with access to only the areas of the system that each user needs.  This is especially true for “casual” (occasional) users like Requisitioners and Approvers that may have little or no training on the system, so you want to make it as easy as possible for them.

To learn now to customize each user’s profile, check out this video tutorial or read “About User-Definable Menus and Pop-Up Prompts” in the Online Help.

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