Limits on free Purchase Order Software

My credit card number was stolen a few weeks ago and my bank issued me a new card.  They also lowered my credit limit (to reduce the chance of fraud going forward, I guess) but without notifying me, so naturally I was surprised when my card was declined at a gas station over the weekend.  To make things worse, a $25 “over limit fee” shows up on my statement.  So they lower my limit without notice and then charge me for using their service.  Very nice.

Recently we’ve had quite a few questions about the “limits” on the free version of SpendMap.  Despite our best efforts to explain that the software is totally free, quite a few of you are still calling it the “demo” version and asking about the limitations in the free software, like if there are limits on the number of suppliers or items you can add, or how many Purchase Orders you can process, or how long the trial period is.

There are no limits.  It’s totally free.  Forever and always.  Really.  Really really!

The only limits are those that are imposed by the technology itself.  Since it is a desktop application, it’s not really suitable for a large number of users.  If you need to roll out your e-procurement system to hundreds or thousands of users, you should really be looking at our web-based system.

The only other limit, if you can call it that, is the limit on what you can accomplish on your own with the software, in between the duties of your regular business day.  But if you don’t have time for a do-it-yourself e-procurement project, we’re offering an affordable Service Plan so that you can directly engage our Client Services Team to make faster progress.

And no, there won’t be any surprise charges when you cut your 100th PO.

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