Thank you for being part of a wonderful 2012 at SpendMap

2012 was a fun and innovative year at SpendMap.  As in recent years, we worked closely with a couple hundred midsize and larger organizations that bought our software products and services to automate their procurement processes and drive their Spend Management initiatives.

But this year, thanks to the Free-Procurement Project (and the magic of the Internet and social media), we were also able to engage thousands of smaller companies that would never have had the opportunity to reap the benefits of e-procurement technology before.

It sure felt good to give back.

We would like to thank the entire Free-Procurement community for believing in us.  Based on the number of people this year who told us that a free e-procurement system seems too good to be true, we understand that it still takes a leap of faith to choose free software to automate your Purchase Orders and related processes, and we are grateful to everyone who gave it a try.

And we’re especially grateful to all the people who have fully implement the free system, many with no training at all.  You proved once and for all that SpendMap is one of the easiest Purchasing Systems to use, and you also proved that companies of any size can automate and control their spending with little or no budgets for their e-procurement projects.

We look forward to working with you all this coming year, starting with the 2013 release of SpendMap, which we hope to start rolling out early in the new year.

May 2013 bring you continued success, health and happiness.

All the best,

– The Free-Procurement Project Team

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