Supplier Pricing for Items in Free Purchase Order Software

Cathy in California asked why the pricing that she entered in the Standard Price and Standard Cost fields in the [General] Folder of the Item Master File weren’t copying over to new Purchase Orders, Requisitions and other documents.

Those fields are used for other purposes.  If you want pricing to default on new orders based on the selected item, you can set that up in the [Supplier] Folder of the Item Master File, where you can enter pricing from one or more suppliers, in addition to other related information such as freight charges, if that information is known in advance…

Supplier pricing in free Purchase Order Software

If you don’t want to enter separate pricing for each supplier, that is, if you just want to enter a single price to default on new POs regardless of who you are ordering from, then just enter “*” (an asterisk) for the supplier code, and the price will be used for all new Purchase Orders and other documents, regardless of the supplier.

TIP: If you ever change the price while entering a new Purchase Order, you can optionally update the Item Master’s default pricing right from the PO Entry Screen, so you don’t have to go back to the Item Master File to make the changes there as well.  To enable this feature, just use the “price update option” in here…
– PURCHASING > Setup system> Purchase Order settings > PO entry settings

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