Canadian Anti-SPAM Laws and your Free Purchase Order Software

spamAn update has been posted to align the free version of SpendMap with the new Canadian Anti-SPAM Laws (CASL), which come into effect next week.

In addition to restricting how companies can use e-mail to communicate with their customers and prospects, CASL includes additional rules for software, specifically how we must notify users when installing software or changing settings on their computers, collection of personal information, and so on.

While the new laws are only applicable to a small portion of our users (less than 10% are in Canada), the new laws are just good business practice in our opinion, so these new improvements will be in everyone’s system, not just our friends in Canada.

At your convenience, please select the menu HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES from within SpendMap to update your system.

Once you do, you may see addition prompts/questions, whenever SpendMap goes to make changes to your computer (e.g. update the PDF printer driver, etc.).

As always, this “patch” will NOT update your version number or change any features.

If you have any questions, please use the free support ticket system.

– The Free-Procurement Project Team

PS.  Have you told anyone about us lately?  Please help spread the word.  Thanks!


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