Administrator Accounts and your Free Purchase Order Software

When installing the free Windows/desktop version of SpendMap or when applying full-version upgrades like the recent v11.98-12.65 upgrade, the instructions will refer to an “Administrator account”.  For example, the instructions might say something like “You will need Administrator privileges in Windows to complete the upgrade” or “You will need Administrator privileges on your computer to perform the installation“.

This is referring to your user account in Windows (i.e. on your PC), not your account in the User Master File of SpendMap.  A Windows Admin account is needed to install most types of software or to otherwise make changes to the computer.  You can learn more in this Microsoft Support Article.

Separately, we may refer to an Admin account in SpendMap, for example, if you need to run a maintenance operation within SpendMap itself.  You can use any SpendMap user account with “9” in the Access Level field, in the User Master File, which you can find here…
– PURCHASING > User setup > Add/modify/delete users

But none of this affects what someone can do in SpendMap (i.e. what menu options, utilities or reports they have access to).  That is controlled by their User Definable Menus, that is, which menus the user has access to in SpendMap.  For complete details, please see this section of the Online Help…
– Purchasing (Main Module) > User Setup > User-Definable Menus and Pop-Up Prompts (About)

For clarity, just because someone happens to be an Administrator in Windows, or may have an access level of 9 in SpendMap, that doesn’t necessarily mean that their User Definable Menu has all available options in SpendMap.

Hope this helps.



    1. Sorry, you need to be able to access our website to use the free version of SpendMap (not just for the initial download, but also on an ongoing basis). TIP: in some areas of the world, we have seen people get a “Gateway GEO-IP Filter alert”, which limits websites that they can access based on the location of the web server (ours is in Utah, USA).

      1. is on a different server than That said, they are both in the USA, so I would have assumed that, if you can get to one, you should be able to get to the other. I will investigate and advise soon…

      2. Dear Sir,

        I am from Malaysia. I have download the v11.98 from
        I thinks the software is suitable to fit our ideal purchasing system.
        We would like to trial run for latest spendmap version, and of course we would like to pay for customized some field.

        Thank you

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