PDF Printer Driver in Windows 10

If you install the free version of SpendMap on a PC with an earlier version of Windows and then later upgrade the PC to Windows 10, you may need to reinstall SpendMap’s PDF printer driver.

It seems that Windows 10 sometimes has a problem with our PDF printer driver, again, when the printer driver was originally installed on the PC under an earlier version of Windows. For example, you may see a message like “Waiting for access to PDF Writer…” when previewing or saving reports to disk in PDF format.

This can be resolved easily by removing and then reinstalling the printer driver (but you will need Administrator access/rights on the PC)…

  1. Exit SpendMap.
  2. In the Windows Control Panel, navigate to “Devices and printers”, and remove the “Palmas PDF printer” by RIGHT-mouse-clicking on the icon and selecting “Remove device”.
  3. To reinstall the PDF printer driver, just RIGHT-mouse-click on the shortcut/icon that you use to run SpendMap and select “Run As Administrator”.  As you log into SpendMap, you will see additional prompts to install the printer driver.

If you are still not able to preview reports, save reports to disk, or e-mail your POs or other documents in PDF format, please use our Support Ticket System.

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