Separate PDF files to send Purchase Orders to suppliers by e-mail

Imran works in the Engineering Services field and was asking about the best way to create PDF files of his Purchase Orders to send to his suppliers when using the free version of SpendMap.Many-POs-in-PDF

“While processing a PO, how do I print the buyer’s copy and seller’s copy separately?
…it is printing both pages together.”

Imran is printing both a “supplier’s copy” as well as an “internal copy” of his Purchase Orders, and both are ending up in a single PDF file (since both copies are in the same print job).

This would also be an issue when processing multiple POs for multiple suppliers at the same time.  For example, if you processed 5 POs in your PO Work Area for 5 separate suppliers, if you chose to print to a PDF file, you would get a single PDF file containing all 5 orders, again, since all are coming from the same print job.

If you’re printing hard copies (on paper), this doesn’t matter because you’ll just grab the pile of POs off the printer and give each one to the applicable supplier.  But if you’re printing to PDF (most likely to send to your suppliers by e-mail as Imran is trying to do), then you will end up with a single PDF with all POs in a single file, which obviously won’t work.

Solution: Use SpendMap’s Email Module to send the supplier their PDF file.

Instead of enabling multiple copies of your printed POs in PO Printing Settings, just use SpendMap’s built-in email feature to send the supplier their copy of the order.  When you process new orders, SpendMap will create a PDF copy of the PO, attach it to an e-mail message, and will send it to the supplier automatically, with no manual intervention (i.e. it all happens behind-the-scenes, so there is no need to manually create PDF files, manually create e-mail messages, and then attach the applicable PDFs to the applicable e-mails.

If you process many POs for many suppliers at the same time, SpendMap will create separate email messages for each supplier, and attach only their POs (be that one or many, if there is more than one PO for the supplier in your PO Work Area at the time of processing).

And any internal documents, such as your internal copy of the PO or any of the optional “supplemental documents”, can be directed to your printer or a PDF file of your own.

To use SpendMap’s built-in Email Module, check out the section “E-mail Integration” in the Online Help, as well as this one…
– System-Wide Features and Information > Documents and Transactions > Sending Documents Electronically

TIP: Save some trees and skip the internal copies as well.

In many cases, when using a system like SpendMap, you can do away with printing internal copies of your POs (the planet will thank you!).  Remember, every time you process a new PO, it is stored in SpendMap’s database for your reference.  You can see the details of a PO using View PO Status and POs will show on many other screens and reports.

And if you ever need to print the occasional PO (e.g. for an audit or something), you can do that any time using the [Print] button at the bottom of the screen in View PO Status, or using this…
– PURCHASING > Purchase Orders > Re-print or re-send a processed PO

And of course, if you’re using SpendMap’s Invoice Approval Module, your Accounts Payable staff will have access to full PO details on-screen when approving supplier invoices, so there is no need to print hard copies for them either.


  1. how can I back up my data the system keep on saying “your data have not been backed up for xx days”

    1. Please see “Backup and Restore Procedures” in the Getting Started Documentation that comes with the software.

      If you need any help, you can use our free Support Ticket System. Just select the menu Help > Free Online Support, from within SpendMap.

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