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  1. I used to develop ERP systems, so I know my way around purchasing systems, and the functionality in the FREE Spendmap is not only well thought out but it is very robust. Our business relies on emailing lots of single item purchase orders to fulfilment partners and it is really good for that. I had a problem with transferring Spendmap data to another PC, which turned out to be hardware related, not a fault with the software, but the support I received from Stacy was excellent – very fast response and clear helpful instructions. A real pleasure to deal with.

  2. Been using this free version for some time now and am very satisfied with it. If you don’t need all the features of the paid system but, still want some comprehensive tracking of your purchase orders FOR FREE, this is an excellent option. Even better, the support (ALSO FREE) is really good and way better than some of the folks you have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to.

  3. I am so completely impressed with what you have done for me as a small business. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to access a program that has so much in it, and what I can already see it will do for our business. The fact is just as you say, that as a small company with less than five employees I cannot afford thousands of dollars on a program. I actually hope that we grow to the point where we can buy your more involved program. And yes, I am speaking from the heart. I do not know any of you but may God bless you for your generous help to us “small” people.

    1. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write us this note, Franklin! So glad we could help you and your team over there at Unruh Manufacturing. Have a safe and happy holiday and all the best for 2017.

  4. I have been using the free software version of SpendMap since 2014. I find this software to be the very easy to use and very capable for the my procurement needs. We do outsourcing procurement, so I am able to separate between all my clients even with cross over buying. The interface is very user friendly and customer service is quick to response to the smallest question I have.

    I would recommend SpendMap to any company that needs procurement software, especially with the bonus of it being FREE.

  5. I have been using the free version of SpendMap for two years now. What a great program and terrific email tech support. Just tremendous!

  6. We’re a start up business so the idea of free software that fills a need was great. I’ve been using it for a year and am very pleased with the performance. I’m using the Purchase, Inventory, and Receive modules and will be activating the BOM/Kitting module soon. We’re using a small portion of the capabilities of the software now and will use more and more as we grow. I can see a point that we outgrow the free version and move onto the complete package.

    Customer support has been quick and easy to work with, very happy with it.

  7. We found Spendmap through Google and genuinely cant speak highly enough of it. Its not just the software, the support is better than most paid for solutions.

    We have been ‘pestering’ the ticket support system every step of the way whilst setting up our system and they have come up trumps every time, especially one person in particular, mentioning no names (Darin!).

    Thanks again, really great system and really great and friendly support.

  8. We got this from the survey that we send out a week or two after the software is downloaded…

    “I like the completeness and capabilities. It will take some time to learn completely, but I generated a purchase order 20 minutes after downloading the software.”

    Unfortunately the survey is anonymous, so I can’t track down the author, but I just had to share.

    So they downloaded it, got it installed and set up, and cut their first PO in 20 minutes. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!


  9. Absolutely, LOVE SpendMap!! It still is hard to believe we are able to use it for FREE. Love Matt, too, who has been so helpful. We are still in the process of implementing these new procedures into a purchasing department, but I am anxious to go live with this program soon. I keep discovering great, new and applicable functions as I work through the introductory components of SpendMap; the latest was the Work Order module!! This has been a blessing; we too, are a not-for-profit and really have to watch expenses. Thank you, Matt and SpendMap for helping us out!!!

  10. We searched for a system like this and I tried any number of “free” and “low-cost” systems which were overly complicated or not suitable. We are a non-profit organization so cost is of the utmost importance to us. Also, ease of use, for those who aren’t overly software proficient. We found this system to be excellent and, so far, it is exceeding our expectations. Every time I use it I am thankful for how it is helping us organize our purchases and expenditures. Thank you SpendMap!

  11. Wow! Totally love the new system. It does way more than QuickBooks could ever dream of, is truly and totally free, comes with decent you tube videos and a great help menu. Not to mention that the one time I did send an email question I received a response right away! Thanks so much SpendMap!

  12. I have been using your system for over a month now, and being a Programmer I cannot believe I found such a comprehensive program that full fill all my company’s needs and more for our purchasing process. A few issues have been quickly and professionally handled by your support team.

  13. We were struggling with cost control and implemented a paper PO system. This did not curb any bad spending habits or give us any more control than we had prior to the paper system. SpendMap now gives us more than we had planned and we are truly grateful for that.

  14. You are no doubt quickly becoming the best friend of many purchasing managers!!! This looks to be a great product and presents a great opportunity to many organizations in need. I have 15+ years experience in purchasing management capacity in various industries and believe your product and business model can be a game changer. I can’t thank you enough for your efforts.

  15. We needed to streamline our purchasing process and loose the paper. Fortunately for us we found SpendMap in our internet search. After close review it was not only a perfect fit but FREE. The SpendMap staff has a real hands on approach to ensure your success; availability, tutorials and an extensive help section. There really is no catch, no trial period and it is FREE.

  16. I know it seems too good to be true that a powerful procurement software application can be free, but it is; no strings attached that I’ve noticed so far. And Customer Service seems very supportive. I had some difficulty with my login password and their followup was excellent. They really seemed to care my problem was resolved. Our company pays for much worse customer service for other software we use.

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