Need help with your free Purchase Order Software?

We’ve had a few requests for additional assistance to implement the free version of SpendMap. 

While we’ve had pretty much unanimously positive feedback on the video tutorials, the online help system and the other free implementation resources that we’ve provided, free or not there’s still some work that needs to be done to get a new Purchasing System up and running, and who has time these days?

We understand and we’re happy to help.

So we’re now offering “a-la-carte” professional services.  You can buy a block of hours for…

  • phone or web-based training
  • implementation consulting
  • system configuration
  • technical support

…or anything else that you might need help with.  We can help you set up your user accounts and Master Files, import your items and suppliers, or maybe just spend some time discussing your current purchasing processes and how best to improve things with SpendMap.

You can learn more about these stand-alone services, as well as the yearly Service Plan, on this page.

And don’t forget, we also offer a free Setup Session, to point you in the right direction.  Not a replacement for formal training or implementation consulting, but hey, it’s free!

Hope that helps.

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