Copying Purchase Orders in your free PO System

We’ve had a few questions about copying Purchase Orders to create new POs in the free version of SpendMap.

There seems to be a bit of confusion about why there are two [COPY] buttons, one on the PO Work Area Summary Screen (where you see the list of Purchase Orders in your PO Work Area) and the other button on the Purchase Order Header Screen (where you see a summary of line items at the bottom of the screen).  The later is actually called [COPY/CUT] since it provides dual functionality, as outlined below…

So, to clarify, one is used to copy an entire Purchase Order (including all details, and all line items) while the other is used to copy individual line items, either to somewhere else on the same PO or onto another PO in your Work Area.

If you select the [COPY] button at the bottom of the PO Work Area Summary Screen, you will be prompted to copy either the PO that is currently highlighted/selected in the list, or you can copy an already processed (i.e. live) PO, or a PO Template.  In all cases, you’ll get a brand new Purchase Order in your PO Work Area, which you can then modify as needed before processing.

Quite separately, if you click the [COPY/CUT] button at the bottom of the Purchase Order Header Screen (just below the list of line items), you’ll see that “Copy” shows in the Line Column for the selected line item.  Click the button again and it will change to “Cut”…

purchase order line items

You are essentially “tagging” line items to be either duplicated or moved from their current location.  You can tag as many items as you want and when you’re ready, just click the [ADD] button to add the lines to the bottom of the order, or click [INSERT] to paste the lines above the currently selected line.

TIP:  When copying and cutting line items like this, you’re not restricted to the Purchase Order that you’re currently working on.  You can also copy or move lines to and from other POs in your Work Area as well.  For example, if you want to consolidate two POs into one, just [CUT] all the lines from one Purchase Order and add them to the other PO.

Hope this helps.

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