Who can’t use a free Purchase Order system?

Last week, our Sales Manager hosted a free system setup meeting for the owner of a small residential cleaning service company in California.

What I found interesting was this customer’s unconventional use of the software.  She has a team of cleaners and is using SpendMap to keep track of their work by setting up each cleaner as a supplier in the Supplier Master File, and then creating a Purchase Order for each cleaning job, which she auto-emails from the system.

In addition to being an easy way to communicate with her team, she’ll have a complete history of all the jobs (orders) to refer back to as needed.

No budgets.  No requisitions.  She won’t even be using the Item Master File.

An unconventional use of a Purchase Order system, for sure, but why not?  After all, the software is free and accomplishes the task.

So it got me thinking, what else might people use this free PO software for?  I mean, since most of the system’s features are compartmentalized, there’s no reason why you need to use everything that the system offers.

Are you making use of the free version of SpendMap in an unconventional way?  If so, we’d love to hear your story.  Please shoot us an e-mail at free-procurement@spendmap.com.


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