5 time-saving tips for your free Purchase Order Software

Here are a few time-saving tips and tricks for your free version of SpendMap…

<END> Key to Switch Users

Sometimes, especially in the early stages of setting up and testing the system, you may want to switch user accounts, that is, log into SpendMap as a different user.

Instead of using the menu SPENDMAP > SWITCH USER or exiting the system and logging back in, try using the <END> key while at the Main Menu.

<TAB> Key to Select Last Menu

Since menu options in SpendMap are grouped by functional area, there are times that you exit one menu/utility and then need to select another related menu that is right next to the last one that you just selected.  Instead of drilling back through the menus, just hit the <TAB> key on your keyboard to “jump” to the last menu you selected.

<?> Keyboard Shortcut for Lookup/Search

You are probably accustomed to clicking on the little [?] button next to fields to display a drop-down list of the underlying table (e.g. a list of Master File codes, a list of POs or other documents, etc).

Another way to display the Lookup List is to just type a question mark <?> in the field and hit <ENTER>.  This avoids taking your hand off the keyboard and can speed up data entry, especially on screens with many fields.

Extended Search

On the topic of searching for Master File codes and documents with the Lookup Feature, did you know that using the [?] button or <?> key to get a list of codes in alphabetical order is just the most basic way of using Lookup?

To perform an “advanced search”, including the ability to search by keyword and/or pretty much any other field in the underlying table, just RIGHT-mouse click on the little [?] button.  Alternatively, you can also do a regular Lookup (left-mouse click on the [?] button) and select the [Advanced Search] button at the bottom of the primary Lookup List.

You can learn more in this section of the Online Help…
System-Wide Features and Information > System-Wide Features and Utilities > Lookup (Searching)

<F2> Key Alternates Between Code/Description

Did you know that you can use <F2> to alternate between the code and description of most fields on most screens?  For example, let’s say you’re looking at a Purchase Order in View PO Status and you see the vendor code is “12345”.  Just hit <F2> to see that vendor “12345” is really Acme Office Supplies.

Same goes for most other Master File codes, such as items, account codes, etc.

In many cases, you can also click on the code/description hyperlink to “drill” into the actual Master File itself.  For example, you might need to see the full address or phone number for Acme.

You can lean more about this one in…
PURCHASING > Setup system > Master file settings > Master file code/description display options

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