New Expense Reimbursement Requests in 2014 Release of SpendMap

We are happy to officially announce the new Expense Reimbursement Approval functionality as part of the 2014 release of SpendMap, which also includes more than a dozen other new features and capabilities.

Companies usually spend money in two ways; either employees process Requisitions and Purchase Orders, or they just spend their own money and expense it later. By adding Expense Reimbursement Requests to our world-class e-procurement toolset, we are empowering our clients to capture and report on all non-payroll spending in one place.

With the new Expense Reimbursement approval features in SpendMap (sometimes called Expense Management, Expense Reporting, Travel and Expense, or T&E), you can replace your paper or Excel-based “expense sheets”, to reduce paperwork, accelerate the approval process, and simplify reporting for employee expense reimbursements.

expense reimbursements and approval

Much like Purchase Requisitions in SpendMap, Expense Reimbursement Requests can be routed for online approval based on predefined business rules, to ensure that proper approvals are obtained for every expense, every time, and Managers can receive automatic e-mail notifications of pending Requests.  Complete expense details are at the Approver’s fingertips, including previous spending history, up-to-date budget status, as well as a copy of any scanned receipts.

Once approved, SpendMap can send a “check request” to the Accounting, ERP or Payroll System to issue payment to the employee, with no duplicate data entry.

In addition to eliminating paperwork and accelerating the approval process, approved Expense Reimbursement Requests will update spending history, budgets, and many other areas of SpendMap.

Stay tuned for more details about the 2014 release in the new year…

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