It’s ok to applaud your Free Purchase Order Software

Here’s another interesting blog post from Seth Godin.

Well friends, in case you were waiting for permission to “whoop, holler or applaud” as Seth puts it, here it is…

Please do let us know that you’re happy with the free version of SpendMap, by adding a comment to our Reviews Page, or by posting on our Facebook timeline.

We don’t ask for any money for you to use the software, for providing technical support or for maintaining this Blog, but we sure would appreciate if you could help spread the word.

Thanks and best regards,
– The Free-Procurement Project team

One comment

  1. The functionality and comprehensiveness of SpendMap free software is unbelievable. I can’t say enough good things about it. I originally thought there was a hitch but that is not the case. SpendMap provides lots of great help, tips and instructions that assists you to setup the software and start using it.

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