Listing items by supplier in your free Purchase Order Software

David works at a small furniture manufacturer in the UK and was asking if it’s possible to list only the items provided by one specific supplier while entering new Purchase Orders in the free version of SpendMap.

Sure thing David, when adding items to your Purchase Orders, just RIGHT-mouse click on the [?] Lookup button next to the Item Code field and you’ll be presented with a bunch of ways to search for items.  Notice how the Supplier Field is already filled in with the supplier on the PO (from the previous screen)…

list items by supplier in free PO software

So just click [OK] to get a list of just the items supplied by that supplier.

You can actually do this anywhere in SpendMap, not just in the PO Work Area.

On a separate but related note, if you ever need a hard copy report listing the items from a supplier, try this…
– PURCHASING > Reports > Supplier information > Items supplied by supplier

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